1)   5G Local WiFi6 Adapter :
Composed of 5G Local WiFi Networks,. provides wireless 3Gbps as a Link speed using Wireless 2.4GHz and 5GHz band conbined. IIR assist to realize 5G Local Networks quickly and cost effective manner. IIR provide Wifi6 PCI-E Type and USB Type Adapter for PC, Laptop, and Servers
, to perform High speed 5G Local networks, as easy as possible. NEW
 2)   5G Local WiFi and Optical Fiber Networks :
Composed of Gigabit Optical Network, including 1GMediaconv, and WiFi6 Routers as AX1800 and AX6000. So 5G Local Networks is .enable to transfer huge Video Data within your company and officce locally with a speed such as 2.4Gbps and 6Gbps. You can also enjoy multiples function of WiFi6, as more than 128 IOTs connection with IPV6 addressing, and high grade, P3A WiFi security systems.
.. NEW

Health Watch::
Wearable health watch, provides a measuring of SPO2, very important data for new corona virus(COVID19)patient care, and Blood Presure, Heart Puluse, Walking Steps, Sleeping Condition monitor, with additional various function for your health. It can work as a stand alone or with Smartphone..

 4)   Optical Lazer Theraphy :
For your daily health care, and assist from Recovery of Brain circuits and Blood flow, Optical Lazer therapy device works to purify the blood contaminations, and guide to easy blood flow, to lower the risk of Stroke, High Blood Pressure, even support the COVID-19, Corona Virus.
. .Lazer theraphy also works
with Optional Nose Laser Injector. It helps to cure various Nose deases and to kill Corona Vuirus. and with Ear Laser Injection, it cures various kinds of desease for Ears, and may help for hard hearings.

The most high speed 48Gbps, HDMI Optical Cable(AOC),
provide 8K Video Data transmission between 8K TV camera, or 8K video servers to 8K TV receiver, 8K Graphic Display, and Home Theater
Screen. It can be applied for Local optical Networks, transfer the main video stream in the Networks..
6)   Robot TV Phone:
You can communicate with Robot with smart phone, with bothway manner as From the Robot side, it has a dial, and call to any phone registered. So you can make Video call anytime.
As application, you can set a Robot to monitor the Wedding Ceremony, Party, and even funeral ceremony, even you may not be there because of distance, lack of time, and you feel as you were patishpating. Other application, it works as your butler with various kinds of sensors such as smoke, human, heat voice detectors, and inform you the accidents. You can keep home security.. Robot informs any type of danger, such as fire, entriusion, visitor, baby cry, and even your dog bark, .


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5G Local Networks

Most of the world leading telecom carriers have given up to install Hi-5G Wireless Networks, because of 28GHz band radio frequency, so called mili-wave. Hi-5G Wireless can carry very wide bandwidth、400Mhz, transmission capabilities of very large Data at onece, but this 28Ghz band, Hi-5G Netwotks cannot communicate through a wall even a windows. So, Hi-5G Network deveropment is slow,
limmited area in down town. So Hi-5G Networks is maily expected to be used for Auto Drive Systems. They are tring to use baloons, Low Orbit Satelites and drones. At this stage, none of them have successfull result.

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