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 1)  3Monitors 8K ✙4K display 3Monitors PC System :

This system features high-definition monitors, including two sets of 4K and one set of 8K monitor.. It operates on the Mini-PC–Pro System, boasting an impressive 40 Gb/s data transfer speed via Type-C + DP ports, Additionally, it can work between PC  and external SSD or ultra-large USB memory to save High Volumes data within minutes.

Here’s how this system can be utilized:

  1. Video and Photo Processing,: with its robust capabilities, this setup handles ultra-high volumes of video and photo data with ease.
  2. Financial Trading:: The three monitors are ideal for FX,, Stocks, and Commodities  analysis and trade at a glace, and proceed them at onece...
  3. Security Monitoring: Use them as securities camera monitors or for AI data processing.NEW
    Mini-PC-Pro handles 8K Video signal, through Type C+DP ports. when you connect the Sysytem with 8K Camera, or 8K TV/Monitor..
It is very dreamy instance. when 8K, 7680x4320 picsells, we see very ditail and natural beatiful Display and very smoothy movement, and further to make using 8K data into 3D, AR.and more.
* 8K monitors are very expensive though, number of Manufactures are increasing now, and price shall drop soon.
*8K video cameras are available such as Nikkon Z9, Canon EOS R5, Sony ALPHA 1, Sharp Camcorder 8C-B60A, etc. 
  8K Monitor handling   
 2)    SSD + SD Memory Festival :
More than 20times faster than HDD on R/Write Speed, IIR Hosts the SSD and SD memory Festival,
You can enjoy the spped and performance of NAND Flush Memory Technology, and high standard of SDXC Class SD, 128G and 256G Memory.

IR provide information how to make Clone of HDD to replace into SSD in your Systems.
 3)    5G Local WiFi6 Adapter :
Composed of 5G Local WiFi Networks,. provides wireless 3Gbps as a Link speed using Wireless 2.4GHz and 5GHz band conbined.
IIR assist to realize 5G Local Networks quickly and cost effective manner. IIR provide Wifi6 Routers, and adapters such as
PCI-E Type and USB Type for PC, Laptop, and Servers
, to perform High speed 5G Local networks, as easy as possible.

  Optical Lazer Theraphy :
For your daily health care, and from Recovery of Brain circuits and Blood flow,
Optical Lazer therapy device works to purify the blood contaminations, and guide to easy blood flow, to lower the risk of Stroke, and High Blood Pressure
. .Lazer theraphy also works
with Optional Nose Laser Injector,. It helps to cure various Nose deases. and with a Ear Laser Injector, it cures various kinds of desease for Ears, and may help for tinnitus and hard hearings.
5)   8K HDMI-AOC:
The most high speed 48Gbps, HDMI Optical Cable, provide 8K Video Data transmission between 8K TV camera, or 8K video servers to 8K TV receiver, 8K Graphic Display, Home Theater , and Mini-PC-Pro.
System.. It can be applied for Local optical Networks, transfer the main video stream in the Networks.
8K + 4K Class 3Monitors Systems

Note: 40Gbps transmission: This speed is used for Pro Carriers, Cloud Suppliers, offering very professional speeds. It is more than amazing. It is very helpful if you work with Video, Photo, Architectural design, analysis, creation, and storage into Devices. It is just a wait to finish, a long time. But 40G will definitely help you to save time.

Goodbye, Desktop PC/WS: The time has come for the Mini-PC Age; you already know that smartphones are very advanced with multiple-core CPUs, large RAM, and Storage, and quick start due to severe competition and huge markets. As a result, Smartphone technologies have advanced much, so Mini-PC Applied both technologies in one with 8K video signal processing and 40Gbps Data Transfer capabilities with various kinds of ports, including Type-C and DP ports.

Most of the world-leading telecom carriers have given up installing Hi-5G Wireless Networks because of the 28GHz band radio frequency, so-called millimeter-wave. Hi-5G Wireless can carry a very wide bandwidth, 400MHz, transmission capabilities of very large Data at once, but this 28GHz band, Hi-5G Networks cannot communicate through a wall or even windows. So, Hi-5G Network development is slow, limited area in downtown.

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IIR are pleased to extend our services to meet the clients solutions in timely and cost effective manner.

IIR provide consulting services on Opticall Fiber Networks, Financial Investment Advice, and Optical Laser Applied Health care。
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