.Fast and steady, incomparable media networks brings the clients satisfaction and high security enable the business stay positive and free from the conjestion of huge amount of video traffics,
  1. OPT-4KDiverse
  2. OPT-4KNet
  3. OPT-4K-Hospital

. Net Life:

  1. .Provide Robot TV Phone, to have full color TV phone between Robot Phone and Smartphone or Tablets, both party can call each others, and recorded video image with free charge. Robot Phone provides IOT service, including security door, fire, smoke, motion detect alram, and inform to the Master. So you will be totally safe and happy to keep in touch anytime if you wish.
  2. Power Bank, 25000mAh, which is 6 times bigger capacity of iPhone6 battery, give you assurence when your smartphone reached to power empty. It also provide LED light when commercial power is out., or walking in the night., and outdoor activities.
  3. .Provide Car Drive Recorder to secure the drive normality when the traffic accident occurred. The DVR can be used as a action movie camera(such as Sony, Cannon, Panasonic DVR) to record your daily life of journey, shopping, and sight seeing, You can playback it directly in DVR just after shooting, and also enjoy Full HD class video with your Home TV without PC USE.

4:JimIIR Camera

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