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IIR Provide consulting services on Optical Fiber Networking, Financial Investment `e, and provide Net-shopping for Fiber Optic Networks, and Health Care Devices.
Following products are available :

1)Low Cost 5G Local:Composed Gigabit Optical Network, including 1GMedicon, and WiF6 Network.enabling, amagingly 2.4Gbps with 2.4GHz, and 5GHz Band using, world-widely using band.NEWA
2)Health Watch:Wearable Health care Watch, measuring SPO2, very importand data for COVE19, corona viru patient care, Blood Presure, Heart Puluse, Walking Steps and Sleeping Condition watch dog, Spotrs, and various function working with Smartphone, and bluetooth.NEWA
3)Optical Lazer Teraphy :For Health Care, recovery of Brain circuits and Blood, Optical Lazer device works to pyrify blood and lower the risk of Stroke, High Blood Pressure, even New Corona Virus..
4)8K HDMI-AOC cable: The most high speed of HDMI, with Optical Cable, provide 8K Video transmission between BS-8K TV receiver, or 8K video servers to 8K TV receiver, or 8K Graphic Display..
5)4K BSTV Systems, enable to provide BS 4K TV and 4K youtuve, 4K Netflix Internet video Service to 50 inch or bigger Home TV, or Home theater screen, and commercial outdoor displays..
6)JimIIRCamera, Private Live Video service, easy operation on WiFi and 3G telephone network
7)4K UHD transmssion, 18G bps through Optical Cable Networks in cost effective manners
8)Robot TVphone, communicates between Robot and Smartphone, share happy time and secure safety
9)4K Action Camera, wearable small and riggid camera for Sports and daily life, in severe environment, .
10)Power Bank, 25000mAH, big capacity for Smartphone with 3 outlets and a Light. for emmergency
11)IP-Smart Camera for care of senior and baby, and everything from a distance.
12)NVR(network video recorder),: a video server for monitoring, and recording for the IP Cameras,
13)Car DVR(Record Car front, while driving, and provides a proof of accident, and it can be used as a Hi spec CamCorder for a daily life,

Local 5G Network,. as you know that new 5G Network Service mainly for mobile phone, uses 28GHz, so called mili-Wave, as main carrier backbone, it means 5G wireless Networks can not communicate through thick wall, even the glass windows, and provide only 50m to 100m coverage from the Base station. It is so called Ultra Hi speed, but cannot carry of 90% expected traffic. So it can be used mainly for cars communications, and auto drive etc, because of open air.
IIR recommend to have 5G Local networks for your business and services. And We have started 5G Local, using 1G optical Back Bone Network in office as well as using Giga WiFi enable Wifi6,and Max speed for wireless, 2.4Gbpst Networks.

Most of the world leading carriers have given up to install 5G Network, very small cell stations in the down town because of its cost, and low demmand..

IIR are pleased to extend our services to meet the clients solutions in timely and cost effective manner.

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